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After the initial conversation with one of us over the phone going over all the sexy details of your session. Imagine you walking into our vintage studio or luxury hotel room, palms sweaty and knees weak with nervousness. You and your lover are about to have sex in front of complete strangers.... Well kinda... we do get to know our clients pretty well before hand. The communication before hand makes the experience A LOT more comfortable!  You’re giddy with excitement and nervous with anticipation! You hear the voice of guidance directing you to start teasing your lover out of their clothes. Your session is about to begin and your whole world is about to open up! And we are so excited to be able to capture the fire and passion between you and your partner and/or partners.

Human sexuality fascinates us.  We love photographing the essence of desire, the sweet tender moments and deep connection.  We love challenging ourselves to find the photos that capture that raw feeling of "in the moment", not just a posed picture. We enjoy being able to provide both the female perspective and the male perspective of human intimacy.  We want you to be able to look back on your photos years from now, decades from now even, and get lost in the memories of what that exact moment felt like, looked like and what emotions were running through your mind just by the look in your eye. We want your body to be flooded with the love and passion you felt for your lover during our erotic photoshoot.  Whether you decide to "go all the way" during your session or not, you'll remember it for the rest of your life.

What's your Fantasy

What’s your fantasy?  Exhibitionism?  Threesome?  Shibari/Bondage? BDSM?  Having some of your most intimate moments captured entwined with your partner in provocative and erotic ways by professional photographers?  Lower your inhibitions as you explore your sensuality and take your sexuality to new levels with your partner while we capture all the beautiful angels through a multi perspective lens.

We are kink friendly and often say, "Don't yuk someone else's yum" but, you don’t have to be kinky to enjoy an erotic photoshoot.  If you just want us to photograph the love between you and your partner, or you by yourself, we are equally as excited for that as well!  If you’re looking for something a little more “vanilla”, check out our boudoir photography side of the site Here >>> Risque Exposures Boudoir

The Control is in your Hands 

 We take consent VERY seriously, We can’t stress this enough.  ALL parties involved must fully and excitedly consent to everything that takes place during a Risque Exposure's Erotica Photoshoot.  If it's not a "HELL YES!", Then it's a "NO'". Consent can be revoked at any moment for any reason, even if we’ve planned on a specific act happening during a shoot. So if you’re not feeling up for it when the time comes then we’ll do something different change the pace up and pivot.  No pressure, no questions.  It will just be a smooth, “Ok, no problem” then transition into something else.  That goes for me too.  Please read my FAQs to see what I will and will not do/photograph.

Sound Like Something you're Into?

Great!  Click the button below to find out what you have to do to create your own erotic photoshoot experience.  Most of our shoots take place in Colorado, but we're available for travel worldwide.

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The Investment

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Albums, Books and more
Luxury items and collections offered through Risque Exposures

The non-refundable retainer fee to work with us is $899-$999. I only book 6 shoots per month, so availability is limited.

  • Professional Makeup and Hair Styling for one by my team
  • Erotic Photoshoot

  • Same-day Image Viewing

  • Expert Pose Guidance from the best in the industry

All products and images are purchased during this reveal and are not included in the session fee. Most clients spend between $3000-$5000 on their collections.

**PRE-Payment Plans Available for Collections**

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How do I book?

Click the button below! Or you can email me at or call/text me at (970) 683-0180. A retainer fee of $899 for Individuals or $999 for Couples/Groups is due up front to hold your session, which goes towards your session, hair and makeup (if applicable). It does not include Digitals, Prints, Collections, Albums.

What are my payment options

I accept cash and credit cards.

Pay In Full - You can pay the total Collection balance in full on the day of your session or during your phone consultation. Your photos will be ordered immediately and you'll get them within 2-6 weeks (turnaround time depends on the products ordered).

Pre-Payment Plan - We can set up an automatic monthly payment plan for 3 or 6 months. Once the balance is paid in full your photos will be ordered. If you choose to do a pre-payment plan you’ll get to choose from awesome bonuses such as additional outfits, complimentary digital photos, video and more!

Where are you located?

We live in the colourful state of colorado and our studio is located in Greeley. But we travel all around colorado often and get invited to out of state events. Most of our shoots take place in Greeley, Denver, Grand Junction, and the Front Range-Northern colorado.

What can I do during my session?

The following things ARE allowed during your shoot:

oral sex
penetrative sex
spanking (with or without implements) (Consent/Contract will need to be signed)
sex toys
erotic couple's photography
swinger photography
sex with a stranger
escort photography

This list is not exhaustive (that would take a novel). If you're curious if I would be willing to photograph and idea you have message me and ask! Don't be shy, I might say no but I don't judge.

Do you retouch my images?

My goal is to empower people to be comfortable in their own skin and to love who they are, exactly how they are. Societal standards tell you that you're not allowed to have imperfections and my whole purpose is to show you that you're perfect as you are without changing anything.

This means I don't change my client's appearance. I use lighting and posing to bring out your best features, but I do minimal editing with my images (skin softening, major blemishes) Some clients opt to have their images professionally retouched for an additional fee, but most clients do not.

What is the Cost?

The session cost (which is due when booking) is $899 for individuals and $999 for Couples.
That includes:
-Professional Hair & Makeup (additional applications will be $200/each)
-In person sales session the same day as your session where you get to see your photos and place your order.
-Expert pose coaching.

*Photos are sold separately with products starting at $250 and collections starting at $1,500. My average client spends between $3,000-$4,500 on photos.
**Payment plans are available upon request. Special bonuses are available for pre-paying for your order**

Are you LBGTQ+ inclusive?

HELL to the YES! Love has no boundaries. I enjoy photographing all people and relationship combinations. I am lesbian, gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, swinger, kink and polyamorous friendly!

Do you travel for shoots?

YESSSS!!! Travel is in our soul! We love explore the world. Have an upcoming trip to Bali and want some erotic memories you can take home with you? Want to plan some sexy galavanting in Jamaica? Shoot me a message with your ideas and let's get carried away!

What will you not do/photograph?

The following is a list of things that We WILL NOT photograph or do:
We will not participate in any way other than photographing/Videography. We will NOT help keep a man’s penis erect with touch or words. We are only there to photograph.
We will not photograph your session naked (YOU can be naked, We will not be).
We will not talk about our private lives and what I’ve done/haven’t done.
We will not photograph beastiality, minors, incest, cutting (or anything that draws blood), skat play, or anything illegal.
No verbal humiliation.
We will not tolerate disrespect in any way towards us or a member of our team.
LASTLY! WE WILL NOT have sex with you. Before the photo shoot or after.

Will you Share my photos online?

I will NEVER release your photos without written consent from you and everyone involved. I take privacy very seriously, I wouldn't be able to stay in business if I didn't. I have high profile clients that trust me with the privacy of their photos, and I value that trust greatly.

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Some words from our Kick-Ass clients!

"I had a wonderful experience working with Risque Exposures!! They made us feel so comfortable during the *ahem* rather intimate shoot we did there, and I am so in love with the images we've gotten back so far!! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to do something outside of their comfort zone! I certainly hope to work with them again in the future!!!"-Serie

"Between Anthony and Mary, I felt so comfortable and at the end of the shoot I was basking in euphoria from the shoot. Y'all really know how to make someone's day! Can't wait for the pics and the next time we get to shoot!" -Julia

"They're the best! If you've been considering getting out of your shell, but nervous, dive right in with them! You'll be feeling absolutely amazing about yourself, and your photos will be fire. They make you feel comfortable and confident, couldn't recommend them more!" -Kait

"Absolutely the best photographers I have worked with!!!! They are welcoming very professional and respectful. They really work with you and making you feel comfortable and beautiful! Photos came out way better than I could have ever imagined!!!! They also have an amazing studio. I highly recommend working with Risqué Exposures" - Christy