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Hi! I am Mary and this is my Husband Anthony! Your Colorado Boudoir and Erotica Photographers!


I'm a wild woman at heart. I love dancing barefoot around a fire or on a beach under the sun. Music is my church and find myself dancing and singing like no ones watching more often than I like to admit. When I need solace after a hard day I draw myself a scorching bath and loose myself in my latest novel to ground myself. Travel is my sanity. I have a burning curiosity to see all the world has to offer. I am often described as a little crazy (most red-heads are) with a stone cold face thats a little hard to control at times yet a heart of pure gold. I have been practicing my art in photography for over 15 years and absolutely adore everything I do!

Female Boudoir Photographer in Greeley Colorado


My happy place is on two wheels with a hand full of throttle and a journey ahead of me. Riding is my therapy and I try to be on a bike as much as possible. Music is part of my daily routine on and off the clock. The type of music playing defines the mood I am currently in or am trying to put myself in. I believe that if you show me a song that means the most to you and that show's me a part of your soul. I practice shibari regularly and find beauty and peace in tying and the way rope holds a body. I strive for perfection in almost all things in my daily life including but not limited to my rope and photography. People describe me as sarcastic and witty but put me in any room and we will laugh until our faces hurt and may have deep conversations about random off the wall things.


We have been together since we were 15 years old. We literally spent our teenage years together and learned to adult together. And although it wasn't always easy, we still find our greatest passions within each-other. I think although sometimes he makes me go a little crazy.... ok ok.... maybe a little more than a little.... the laughter and joy we have overcomes the crazy by a lot. Many of our clients even comment on the laughter we hold within our space on a constant basis, always trying to make the energy surrounding us fun and positive. If its having Anthony model a upside down booty pose for a client or hyping up everyone in the room there is always some shananagins happening. And We're here for it!

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