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Hi! I am Mary and this is my Husband Anthony! Your Colorado Boudoir Photographers!

SHE- I'm a wild woman at heart. I love dancing barefoot around a fire or on a beach dancing my heart out. Music is my church and find myself dancing and singing like no ones watching more often than I like to admit. When I need solace after a hard day I draw myself a scorching bath and loose myself in my latest novel to ground myself. Travel is my sanity. I have a burning curiosity to see all the world has to offer. I am often described as a little crazy (most red-heads are) with a stone face and a heart of pure gold. I have been practicing my art in photography for over 15 years and absolutely adore everything I do!

HIM- My happy place is on two wheels with a hand full of throttle and a journey ahead of me. Riding is my therapy and I try to be on a bike as much as possible. Music is part of my daily routine on and off the clock. The type of music playing defines the mood I am currently in or am trying to put myself in. I believe that if you show me a song that means the most to you and that show's me a part of your soul. I practice shibari regularly and find beauty and peace in tying and the way rope holds a body. I strive for perfection in almost all things in my daily life including but not limited to my rope and photography. People describe me as sarcastic and witty but put me in any room and we will laugh until our faces hurt and may have deep conversations about random off the wall things.

Together- We have been together since we were 15 years young.... fast forward 16 years, 3 kids, many ups and downs, and many life transformations later here we are! Outside of work, we enjoy spending quality time around a bon-fire, family time and riding our street bikes.

Together we wanted to help All people (Women, Men, LGBTQ+) through our photography. With My history in the social work world I knew the impact Boudoir Photography could have and Anthony got to see it first hand throughout the years. He was empowered and decided to pick up a camera so he could also embed himself in the euphoria of making others feel beautiful in their own skin! Watching our client’s reactions to their photos is our pleasure in this line of work! The tears of happiness and positive comments that come after years of hurt and self degradation are music to our ears and food for our souls. We are doing, exactly what we are supposed to do - change peoples visions of themselves through each click of the camera.

Boudoir photography was such a huge part of my heart and soul and now its part of both our hearts. I couldn’t imagine another career that would be more perfect for us. Helping other people alter their lives for the better is the most fulfilling thing we've ever experienced! Guiding them through their healing is an honor and a privilege we don't take lightly.

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The healing that happens during a session (for our clients AND for US) is completely unmatched and every encounter reminds us why we do this. Pure and simple: HEALING.

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My self-love journey.

I’m beautiful, I'm sexy, and I am Lust Worthy (and so are you!). It took me 33 years to be able to say that for myself. I've struggled with my self image for as long as I can remember. I was that mama that had 10 pound babies, Hell! I was also a mama of a very medically fragile child that has taken a toll on my mental health but my physical health as well with many ups and downs throughout that journey! These days, I'm having WAY more good self image days than bad and it's been quite a journey to get where I'm at and part of my self-healing is facilitating healing for others. I have always gotten through my own pain and grief by helping others through theirs, it's a super power I have had since I was a little girl. With lots of work and self love I've learned to appreciate what my body does for me, how to show myself love like I deserve, and to embrace the things I perceive as flaws. I've learned that it's not what I'm seeing in the mirror that I'm reacting to, but how I'm feeling on the inside that actually matters. I noticed that one day I would love the way I looked and feel good about myself, then the very next I would feel gross.  Nothing physically changed on my body, though! So, I stopped giving the negativity so much attention and started working on identifying and managing my thoughts instead. It wasn't Easy for me and it wont be easy for you! But you got this and we are here to help embed on that journey with you!

I know the pain of not feeling comfortable in your own skin and.... I know the freedom and peace that self-acceptance brings. I want every person that walks through our door to feel that liberation from self doubt. Boudoir photography offers you a glimpse of how you look through other people's eyes and that glimpse can change how you see yourself.

I know a boudoir session isn't a cure all, it's just a step in your own life’s journey! Working with us will give you the foundational pieces you need to start your body acceptance journey... and from there.... The sky’s the limit. It’s an honor to hold this space for myself and other people and I hope that you’ll join us.

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"Our mission is to empower each person we work with to break through their self-doubt and to realize their unique beauty. We work to create a safe, supportive and empowering atmosphere for our clients so they can feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. Our photography celebrates the beauty of all bodies and encourages all people to love themselves for who they are. Together, we create beautiful, timeless images that capture the true essence of each person just the way they are"


Your session fee and non-refundable retainer is $599 for Individuals and $699 for couples. The Session fees include professional hair and makeup application, one-two hour (boudoir) of shoot time with Mary and/or Anthony and your same-day image reveal where you’ll get the opportunity to decide how you want to display your images.

All products and images are purchased separately during this reveal and are not included in the session fee. Collections range from $1500-$5900.

**PRE-PAYMENT PLANS Available upon Request**

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I know first hand how vulnerable planning a boudoir shoot can make you feel.  I know that when it comes to picking the right boudoir photographer it's all about trusting the person/persons behind the camera.  That's why we think it's so important for you to hear from the people that we have worked with themselves, in their own words.

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Between Anthony and Mary , I felt so comfortable and at the end of the shoot I was basking in euphoria from the shoot. Y'all really know how to make someone's day! Can't wait for the pics and the next time we get to shoot! - Julia Maye

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Absolutely the best photographers I have worked with!!!! They are welcoming very professional and respectful. They really work with you and making you feel comfortable and beautiful! Photos came out way better than I could have ever imagined!!!! They also have an amazing studio. I highly recommend working with Risqué Exposures -Christy

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I absolutely loved working with Risqué Exposures. They Made me feel super safe, comfortable, and confident during our session together. I

highly recommend them!!!


top rated boudoir photographer in greeley colorado

They're the best! If you've been considering getting out of your shell, but nervous, dive right in with them! You'll be feeling absolutely amazing about yourself, and your photos will be fire. They make you feel comfortable and confident, couldn't recommend them more!


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Where do shoots take place?

Indoor shoots are available in our studio (Laconic Studios) is in Greeley Colorado within Cottonwood Commons. Colorado is home to some of the most magnificent outdoor beauty and outdoor shoots vary in location but we do know of a few very beautiful locations.

Do you only work with women?

We work with all people! We don't care if you are a man, women or other! We feel like all people deserve to feel sexy and beautiful in their own skin!

What products do you offer?

Most of my clients choose a combination of wall art and a fine art book.

Wall art is a gift for your future self for those rough days that we ALL have. It will be a constant reminder of the confidence you gained during your boudoir experience. Wall art comes in different sizes of fine art white styrene fine art prints. If you're feeling hesitant about putting a boudoir photo on your wall for the world to see, ask me about the discrete ways my past clients have some up with to hang their art!

The fine art books are an exquisite way to have a collection of your photos. They are handmade from a wonderful, sustainability minded bookmaking company in the Unites States. The cover options range from linens and silks to custom leathers and woods.

*All products I offer are photographic archival material, meaning they'll last 100+ years. These products are an heirloom investment.

What will my investment be?

Your boudoir session will include professional hair and make up styling for one, up to 3 outfit changes, pose coaching & expression directing (from your facial expressions to your toes)! You will also get to see your photos and place you order on the same day as your session. The session cost for boudoir clients is $599 individual and $699 for couples. Collections start at only $1,500. My average client spends between $3,000-$4,500 on products. If you're interested in a payment plan, let me know when you book your shoot and we can get it started right away so you'll be all set before you even have your session!

What do I wear?

I send you a awesome little guide that covers wardrobe in detail and I also offer assistance in planning out your outfits before your session. When I say you don't have to worry about anything, I really mean it!

Do you retouch my images?

My goal is to empower poeple to be comfortable in their own skin and to love who they are, exactly how they are. Societal standards tell you that you're not allowed to have imperfections and my whole purpose is to show you that you're perfect as you are without changing anything.
This means I don't change my client's appearance. I use lighting and posing to bring out your best features, but I do minimal editing with my images (skin softening, small blemishes etc) Some clients opt to have their images professionally retouched for an additional fee, but most clients do not.

Are you LGBTQ+ Friendly?

Abso-freaking-lutely. Love has no boundaries. I enjoy photographing all people and relationship combinations. I am lesbian, gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, swinger and polyamorous friendly!

What if we are only comfortable with working with one of you?

We are here for your comfort! So if you are only comfortable working with one of us thats ok! Although there are tons of pros to working with both a female and a male photographer as you get both perspectives and they are always so different so you get much more to choose from during your viewing session.

Whats the experience like?

On the day of your shoot, you don't have to worry about a thing. You don't have to do your hair or makeup. All you have to do is show up and leave the rest to me and my team. You'll have an hour to relax and get used to the space while you're having your hair and makeup done by one of my top quality artists. When she's finished with your hair and makeup, she'll leave us so that we have privacy for your shoot. There's never anyone else present during your shoot unless you decide to do a couple's boudoir shoot or a shoot on the same day as a friend. You'll bring three outfits for your shoot (an "outfit" doesn't have to be clothes, a nude set can count as an outfit). I'll guide you through poses that fit the look you're going for. You don't have to know how to pose on your own! Once we're finished with the shoot portion of your experience, we'll take an hour break while I prepare the photos for you to see. This is a good time for you to grab a bite to eat. When you come back you'll get to choose your photos and products, and place your order.
I recommend allotting at least 4-6 hours for the whole experience.

What are the payment plan options?

I accept cash and credit cards.

Pay In Full - You can pay the total balance in full on the day of your session. Your photos will be ordered immediately and you'll get them within 2-6 weeks (turnaround time depends on the products ordered).

Pre-Payment Plan - We can set up an automatic monthly payment plan for 3 or 6 months. Once the balance is paid in full your photos will be ordered. If you choose to do a pre-payment plan you’ll get to choose from awesome bonuses such as additional outfits, complimentary digital photos, video and more!

Do you have a question?

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Your privacy

Your privacy is very important to us Photos are not uploaded to the internet (except to secure vendors to order books and prints) unless you sign a model release giving me legal permission to share your photos. All of the people and couples on this website granted me permission to share their photos.

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